McDonald’s Restaurant to Add a Goat Cheese Burger to its Menu

If  you have heard from somewhere that McDonald the biggest fast food joint has added a Goat cheese burger in its menu then, you have absolutely heard the right thing, no, we are not joking.

McDonald has actually added a goat cheese burger to its menu but, there is a catch this new item on the McDonald menu is available only in its global headquarters in Chicago.

Every so often McDonald is known to have swapped the menu and had brought a taste of their international menu to the Midwest. And now it has brought the famous Goat cheese burger from Spain to its trendy West loop neighborhood.

The goat cheese burger is a part of Spain’s signature collection, and comes with a three pound beef patty topped with grilled onions, lettuce, smokey onion mayo, and a good and healthy portion of goat cheese. In Spain goat cheese is very popular and is loved by many that is why is has made its way into the McDonald burger.

McDonald’s goat cheese burger

Along with the Goat cheese burger another new item has made its way into the McDonalds menu of Chicago HQ, the double BBQ Chicken Sandwich from McDonalds France, this one is a beast that has, two marinated chicken breast pieces, white cheddar cheese, tomato slices, red onion, pickles, and Texas style barbeque sauce that adds to the flavour, the French are known for their for their barbeque and this one will make you fall in love with its taste.

The McDonalds HQ is also giving out an Egg BLT McMuffin from canada, cheese bites from the United Kingdom, which are deep fried balls of mozzarella and Emmenthal cheese served with Marinara dip. There is also a Matcha Green Tea McFlurry from Japan.

Final Words

We hope that you will love McDonald’s Goat Cheese Burger, just go to your nearest McDonald’s restaurant and try out this delicious Goat Burger. If you don’t like this burger and think something is missing in the burger then you always submit a feedback via survey at online. Just mention there why didn’t like the burger or what exactly was missing in that Goad Burger. We believe McDonald’s will immediately take this feedback  into consideration and they will serve you better the next time you visit the store for same burgers.

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