McDvoice Frequently Asked Survey Questions

McDonald’s customer feedback survey also known as McDvoice Survey helps them to improve the quality of food they serve at their restaurants worldwide. We all are aware of this awesome survey because when we complete it, the company always provides us free coupon codes and other discounts on our next visit to their restaurants.

Thousands of users every day try to submit their survey on Mcdvoice and out of those very fewer people get a chance to win free gift codes and other discount offers. People from various countries submit this survey to report all kinds of issues they are facing to Mcdonald’s Management team and once it reaches to their portal, it is immediately taken into action. But we have seen many novice users who don’t know how to take this survey in case they want to report something they have experienced at their restaurants.

In this article, we are going to discuss how you can complete and submit the McDonalds Customer Satisfaction survey properly if you want to reach to their management team. So let’s start without wasting more time on silly these discussions.

McDvoice Frequently Asked Questions

So, first of all, open your web browser from your mobile device or PC/Laptop. We would prefer you to use a PC/Laptop so that you can comfortably understand and write regarding your issues on their portal.

  1. In URL Address bar, you have to type and press enter from your keyboard.
  2. It will open McDvoice Customer Survey Web Portal
  3. You have to take out your Bill Receipt. In that receipt, you will find a Mcdonald’s survey code.Mcdvoice Survey Code
  4. Now on that website, you have to enter the 26-digit-survey code which you just found on your bill receipt as shown in this image below. Click on the Start button to start the surveyMcdvoice Survey Start
  5. The first question they will ask you is about the Order type, that whether it is Dive in or Drive Thru or Carryout.Mcdonalds Order Type
  6. Rate the restaurant with the satisfaction you have experienced. mcdonalds overall satisfaction survey question
  7. On the next page, they will ask you to rate the food, its quality, temperature, taste, service, and a few other things as shown in this image. Rate it as per your own convenience. Mcdonalds food review survey
  8. Rate the satisfaction of speed and accuracy of food you ordered.Mcdonalds Survey review
  9. Select all the option which you think were not up to the mark. If you don’t find your option the list then you can select Other option and write about it in detail.Mcdonald's survey questions
  10. Choose the problems you faced on your order and click on Next button to proceed ahead in the survey.Mcdvoice survey order question
  11. Select Yes if you faced problems during the visit or else No.Mcdonalds visit problem
  12. Rate the restaurant with how well the problem was resolved and If you did not bring the problem to the crew’s attention, you can directly select N/A option on your screen.Mcdonalds resolving experience
  13. Tick those options which you think weren’t properly managed.Mcdvoice food problem questions
  14. If you want to prefer Mcdonald’s to anyone in the coming 30 days then please select the MCQs below based on how happy you are with your food.Mcdonalds Survey Visit Question
  15. Mention about your problem in detail. The maximum words are 1200 only.
    Mcdvoice Feedback in detail
  16. Mention about your favorite fast food restaurants in the country and proceed ahead.Mcdvoice general questions
  17. Answer this demographic question which is optional.Mcdvoice Demographic general question
  18. Survey completed. Show this validation code and redeem your free food on the next visit.
    Mcdvoice Survey completion page

So this is how you can complete one long Mcdonalds Customer Satisfaction survey in a few minutes. All the problems you reported above in the survey will be taken immediately into action because Mcdonalds care about the customer and they are quite serious when it comes to serving their customers regularly. Let us know if you face any problem while submitting your survey and we will surely help you out with your query.

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