Some Interesting Facts About Mcdonald’s

What is something a classic McDonald’s burger and some fries could not fix?

Since childhood, McDonald’s has been the ultimate hanging out place. From clicking pictures with the clown at age 8, to hanging out with your college mates to grabbing a cup of coffee when you’re 50.

Any age, any generation, McDonald’s caters everyone.

Here are some awesome facts about McDonald’s that will make you fall in love with it even more-

  1. Seventy nine years ago, Mcdonald’s was opened by Richard and Maurice McDonald as a BBQ joint. It later started selling burgers and drinks.
  1. There are almost more than one-and-half times more McDonald’s locations than hospitals in the United States
    • Isn’t that mind blowing? You’ll find a Mcdonald’s faster than a hospital.  
    • Mcdonald’s Hamburger University, yes you heard it right. It was founded in the basement of a McDonald’s in Elk Grove Village, Illinois, in 1961.
  2.  However there are some countries that have banned McDonald’s. These include Bermuda, Montenegro, Kazahstan, and Macedonia.McDonald's Interesting Facts
  3. The best selling item on the menu is…
    • *drumrolls* 
    • FRIES !
    • Wasn’t hard to guess at all.
  4.  The worst selling item on the menu is….
    • Hula burgerIt consisted of a grilled piece of pineapple with a slice of cheese in a bun. My mouth still watered a little, though.
  5.  The highest calorie item on the menu is…
    • Our favorite meal, Chicken nuggets. Anyway, calories are just numbers. Bring that mustard sauce too.
  6.  There are no ribs in McRib.
    • Infact, it is made of shoulder meat.
  7.  The secret menu.
    • Yes, the secret menu includes dishes like- McLeprechaun shake, the McKinley Mac, the Land, Air, and Sea burger.
  8. The world’s largest Big Mac can be found in North Huntingdon, Pennsylvania. It is a 14 foot tall statue.
  9. Mcdonald’s sells more than 75 hamburgers in a second. And I can easily believe that.
  10. Mcdonald’s is the largest distributor of toys. How many did you collect in your happy meal?
  11. Mcdonald’s owned Chipotle. So our favorites are basically from the same family.
  12. Queen Elizabeth owns a Mcdonald’s. Wouldn’t it be great to find the queen ordering a quick snack while you stand in line being starstruck?
  13. The “I’m Lovin’ It” McDonald’s jingle was written by Pharell and recorded by Justin Timberlake. Wow. Never knew that.

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Isn’t it amazing to know so much about a place you’ve been going  since you were a child?

Well, comment down below, which fact surprised you the most.

Also, we hope after reading this, you might be craving a classic hamburger and some fries!

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